About Us: Unveiling Stories, Crafting Connections - We're JSQRD

Our Story

We're JSQRD, a creative powerhouse with a passion for bringing your brand's story to life in the digital world. Our name might sound fancy, but it's really just the combined initials of our first names, both starting with J. We're all about turning ideas into captivating digital experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Where It All Began: Our Journey of Creativity

Our adventure started four years ago, when two like-minded Js (that's us!) decided to combine forces and dive headfirst into the world of digital marketing. We started off by diving into full-time jobs where we teamed up with all sorts of businesses - from food delivery champs to pet lovers, BBQ kings to gadget gurus. Those gigs gave us a unique peek into various industries and how they connect with their audiences.

Our creative drive doesn't clock out. After hours, we've taken on freelancing gigs that have taken us on quite the ride. We've put our stamp on pages in big-shot magazines like Newsweek and Arabian Business, adding our touch to the global chatter. Fitness fanatics, beauty buffs, and wellness champions have all sought our creative flair. We've even rubbed shoulders with local celebs like Ben Camille and Sosa Zerafa, and our lens has captured the culinary artistry of Michelin Star chefs.

From Small Gigs to Grand Ventures: Freelance Magic

Collaboration is our jam. We've been part of exciting brand launches, like the local debut of VitaCoco. But more than just brands, we're captivated by the stories that make them come alive. We believe a brand's heart lies in the stories it tells, and we're here to make sure those stories reach the right ears.

Collaborating for Impact

Our sweet spot is right where creativity meets strategy. We're not just about making things look good - we're all about making them work smart. We handle everything from snazzy social media content to stunning magazines, snapping moments through the lens, crafting killer web content, and teaming up with local printers to bring your brand to life in the real world. We think the mix of creativity and strategy is what makes a brand truly stand out in the digital jungle.

Crafting the Future: Where Creative Meets Strategy

But it's not all business with us. We're also all about giving back. We've dipped our toes into local volunteering, running a photography masterclass for folks on the autism spectrum in partnership with Agencija Sapport, a local agency. The results were beyond amazing - some of our students even bagged awards in a Europe-wide photography competition for individuals with special needs. This experience showed us just how creativity can bridge gaps and create beautiful connections.

Giving Back: Nurturing Creativity in the Community

Ready to Create Some Magic? Your Story + Our Skills

So, what's your story? Let's team up and spin your ideas into digital gold that truly speaks to your audience. Your brand's soul, your dreams - they fuel our creativity. Come join us on this journey to reshape the world of digital marketing, one fantastic project at a time. Together, we'll put your brand's story in the spotlight it deserves.